Smart People Dress Smartly

Posted on April 10, 2016 By

When we see the celebrities on the screen or in the photo, sometimes we would wonder why they always look so beautiful, regardless of being fat or thin, flat or plump. Maybe it is because they have the stylists to help them dress. However, it is needless to envy them or admire them. Actually, everyone can look beautifully if dressed smartly. Here are some dressing tips for different body types.

Dressing smartly according to the hip shapes
If one has the straight hips, she should try wearing dress instead of pants. This is especially the case for the person with long legs as the dress could highlight the beauty of her long legs. In terms of choosing the dress, dresses with layers are good choice for making for the straight hips. But if you don’t like wearing dress, a not-so-bad choice of the pants would be the skinny jeans with light wash as they could make one look slim and plump in the hip. On the contrary, if one has the plump hips, she could try wearing the feminine bubble skirt to extrude the cuteness and sexiness. In terms of choosing pants for plum-hipped girls, the slightly flared one would be a good choice and it would be perfect if matched with a wide and characterized belt.

Dressing smartly according to breasts
It always worries a girl if she has small breasts. However, small breasts girls could look full with dresses of plunging necklines. Besides, dressing smartly with a pair of loose blouses and a piece of loose top could cover the small breasts. For ladies with full breast, tight tops and tops with decorations near the bust could emphasize your full breast and stand out your beauty.