Accessories Are Just As Important As The Designer Prom Dress

Posted on March 8, 2016 By

There’s no doubt that wearing a designer prom dress to Prom can really help a girl to stand out and looking radiantly beautiful. And, many girls will spend a very long time in choosing that perfect dress, but it’s just as important to choose the accessories that will be worn with the dress. So, if you haven’t already done so, take a little time to consider what you’ll need.

Even the most beautiful of designer prom dresses can be made to look even better with the judicious use of accessories. In fact, every type of prom gown, from a classic style like the Joli prom dress to the Hollywood look of a Jovani prom dress, can be enhanced with the right accessories.

The good news is you don’t have to spend much either; you’ve already spent enough on the designer prom dress. An accessory isn’t the main item – the gown is – so people don’t inspect the accessory. The right accessory shouldn’t even be that noticeable; it should highlight the dress but should almost be non-existent.

Here are some prom dress accessory tips to get you thinking.

If your dress is either strapless or has spaghetti straps, you’re neckline can look quite bear. It’s a great opportunity to wear a sparkling necklace with matching earrings. Remember, it doesn’t have to cost much; it just has to be in keeping with the style and embroidery of the corset. Pearls are another old favorite, especially with the more classic styles of gowns like the Joli prom dress.

A strapless gown just looks lovely when accompanied with by a shawl. Try wearing the shawl loosely around you arms so that your necklace and earrings remain on view.

How often do women get the opportunity to wear long gloves? A prom dress is usually sleeveless and allows women to wear beautiful satin gloves. You may not be able to buy an exactly matching shawl and gloves when you buy the designer prom dress, but be sure that the colors and patterns match the dress.

Choose your hosiery and prom shoes according to the prom gown length. With long skirts style isn’t paramount as no one is going to see them anyway, so put comfort first. For high-and-low prom dresses or short prom dresses, choose prom shoes and hose that will complement your legs and feet.

Open-toe prom shoes with flesh or light-colored hose look divine with slender legs. If your legs are heavy or large in the calves, and you want to de-emphasize your lower legs, choose closed-toe prom shoes with dark-colored hose.

Choosing the handbag can be the biggest challenge. Again, few dresses come with ready made matching bags, so you need to choose one that matches. It doesn’t have to be the same color; the colors should be from the same part of the color wheel so they complement one another, or they must be from opposite ends to contrast one another. More importantly, try to find a handbag whose materials matches that of you gown.

Finding accessories can be a lot easier if you shop online for your designer prom dress as many retailer’s websites provide a comprehensive list of items that will accessorize the particular gown you’re interested in.